Friday, April 16, 2010

Wedding Website attempt, take 2!!

We had a wedding website with, and I really loved that site. When I signed up for it, they never told me that I had a 2 week trial, then they would knock us down to a free version, and I didn't like the free version. I love my scrapbook blog, so I figured I would do a wedding blog! Don't you just LOVE the background! It's perfect. I love how the bride is looking at the groom. so funny. So I should extend a big fat WELCOME!! to everyone who is looking at our wedding blog. Welcome welcome welcome! All of our old information is on the right hand side at the top, so if you need any information, check out those pages. I will update them often.

My mom and I leave for Texas two weeks from today. I am really excited to see everyone! We sure are going to be busy running around all weekend. I have a lot of appointments that I have to run to. The appointment I am most worried about is the dress appointment on May 3rd. I am not where I should be as far as weight loss to try on the dress size I wanted to. Also I've heard bad reviews about David's Bridal. That's OK though. I will smile through everything! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!